Designed to make it easier to perform hard and soft iron calibrations for the Teledyne Long Ranger Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler in the Upward Calibration Configuration.

Increase calibration efficiency and save time. The ease by which you can load and unload the instruments will save time and energy.

Minimize the physical
man-handling and the backstrain associated with the calibration process of this top heavy profile.

LR-1A Cart

EASY-LOAD CART is also available:

The LR-1A is shown with a Teledyne Long Ranger placed onto our Easy-Load Cart and configured to load for an UPWARD Looking Profile Calibration


The complete system is made of non-magnetic material.

Two Easy to Assemble Sections: a Base/Turntable and a Mounting Frame


Weight: 65 lbs.
30” diameter
5” height

Mounting Frame
with Pivoting Bucket:
Weight: 34 lbs.

20” length
12” width
34” height

LR-1A Assembled onto Base:
Weight: 95 lbs.
30” diameter
39 - 40” height 

Model LR-1A

Upward Profile Calibration Stand (Long Ranger)LR-1ALR-1A

The LR-1A Calibration Stand is designed to let you easily load a Teledyne RD Instruments Long Ranger ADCP and to hold it at a stable 15 degree tilt for Upward Profile calibration procedures. The level and smooth rotation of our base turntable makes the 360 degree rotation of this top heavy configuration very easy to physically perform. A second turntable in the cup allows you to easily change the axis orientation for the next 2 steps of the calibration process. The result of this smooth motion calibration equates to improved overall standard deviation for the desired minimum error factors (less than 1 degree) for more consistent HARD and SOFT Iron calibrations. This equates to more accurate data collection from your ADCP.